Korimakao is a dream come true, shared by many people, who come and go, who stay, who carry inside. Korimakao is an oasis in the middle of the swamp, a swamp that was once a forgotten place and today is a symbol of freedom.

Korimakao a community in art

Korimakao, located in the Ciénaga de Zapata, is a space where nature, Cuba, youth and art make up a unique space

The Korimakao Community Artistic Ensemble is an artistic institution founded in 1992. We are currently promoting a Municipal Initiative for Local Development creating a space for interaction with Cuban culture and its people, through art and creation.

“As part of the economic boost for the local development of the Korimakao municipality, it provides a wide group of services focused on cultural artistic development to all types of audiences»

Korimakao provides cultural services


With a duration of 3 days onwards.It consists of carrying out artistic …

Cultural exchange

With a duration of 1 day onwards An experience where hospitality, creation …

Artistic Presentations

Lasting between 30 and 60 minutes With the Exchange Visit service, Korimakao …

Organization of Events

With a variable duration. We put our meeting rooms and other spaces …


With a duration of 15 to 30 days. Pedagogical experience designed for …

Accommodation Service

Apartment with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, 2 balconies. Rooms for …

Gastronomic Services

Directed service or buffet for lunches and meals; breakfasts or snacks. For …


Organized by Sessions.Korimakao gives you the possibility to receive personalized workshops without …

Exchange visit

With a duration of 60 minutes. Korimakao proposes the exchange with the …

Simple visit

Korimakao welcomes you from a warm meeting with the artistic directors, thus starting a tour …

Korimakao promotes the first Local Development Project in the Zapata Swamp

Currently, the General Directorate of the Korimakao Community Artistic Ensemble promotes the Local Development Project in order to promote this unique institution of its kind in Cuba and unique on the world scene. An idea that agrees perfectly with the current demands of the Cuban socio-economic context that is committed to initiatives that contemplate economic viability, sustainability and self-management.
With the implementation of its Municipal Initiative for Local Development it is expected: To safeguard and guarantee the continuity of the work and impact of the Korimakao; and maintain its institutional development and gradually increase it in the future socioeconomic context.

  • It will promote an increase in professional, human and economic motivations and incentives for artists, workers and especially the community of Pálpite.
  • It will understand community social development integrally, from all its dimensions, understanding art and culture as articulating axes and strengths from which to start.
  • It will strategically enhance the Art –Community –Ecology –History relationship, as the driving force behind the local transformation process.
  • It will develop a participatory and inclusive, creative and creative, sustainable and sustained work, which allows us to be recognized as a local, national and international reference center for artistic and community work.