Korimakao is an antidote, a remedy against the market, against the hectic life of the capital, against perverse materialisms. It is a revolutionary project that fights against postmodernity, that makes war on economic distress with that sentence pronounced by a giant, who in the middle of the abyss, settled the debate with “… culture is the first thing to save.”

Korimakao a community in art

“In our community we bring together a large number of young people with artistic concerns of all kinds, who under the direction of specialists with great experience give life to an entire artistic movement”

We group ourselves into the following casts

Arte, Artístico, Ciénaga, Comunitario, Conjunto, Espectáculo, Korimakao, Presentación, Teatro, Zapata,


We are a group of 11 actors that from the investigation we work in search of dialogue and theatricality. From our own training we play roles in music, dance and the visual arts. Our work is aimed at children, youth and adults.


From the contemporary, the folkloric and traditional of our country, we look for a way to move into dance-theater. The sense of the preparation of the body moves us in a search for growth and constant improvement.


We are a group of musicians who accompany theatrical, dance and performance works. With a wide unpublished repertoire, we move in small and large format concerts. From music we explore other manifestations that constantly touch us, such as dance, theater and the visual arts.

Plastic arts

We are a department in charge of designing and creating all visuality in theatrical, dance and musical works. Cenaguero landscape, trends and feelings make us put a brush in hand.

Visual arts

With camera in hand, a moment in Korimakao does not escape us, we document and archive. The largest and richest wetland in the Caribbean, the Cenaguera culture and tradition make lenses and lights fly in the place for the production of audiovisual materials.

Children’s Project

l Dádiva Children’s Project made up of boys and girls from the community, who can develop their skills and abilities in dance, music, theater and plastic arts, with the aim of promoting and encouraging the taste and appreciation of the different artistic manifestation.