Korimakao is an animal, an opportune one who “borrows” a friend’s house to carry it over and survive. It is an attitude towards life, it is commitment, it is discipline, it is professionalism, it is talent.

Permanent Call

“The Korimakao Community Artistic Ensemble invites young artists, Art Instructors and groups all over the country.

You can choose the places of:

  • Actress / Actor with possibilities in Dance-Theater.
  • Dancer / Dancer with possibilities in Contemporary Dance.
  • Contemporary Dance Choreographer.

In the Music event, the following are offered:

  • Pianist and / or Keyboardist.
  • Trombonist.
  • Trumpet.
  • Saxophonist.
  • Bass player
  • Singer.
  • Guitarist (for acoustic and / or electric).
  • Percussionist (Drums, tumbadora, bata and / or minor percussion).
  • Other interested instrumentalists.

In Audiovisual Production, the specialties of:

  • Camera.
  • Sound recording.
  • Edition.
  • Realization.

“Korimakao guarantees accommodation, laundry services, food and recruitment. Korimakao will give priority to female artists”

The following requirements must be met:

  • To be older than 16.
  • Be able to work full time.
  • Possess artistic talent.
  • Pass the interview and chances tests.

For more information contact us here.