About us?


Korimakao is an essence. That when it is discovered and defined, it is necessary to defend it to the end, because there is a risk of being less than nothing.

The Korimakao Community Artistic Ensemble is an artistic institution founded on August 13, 1992 by the Commander of the Revolution Faustino Pérez and the renowned actor Manuel Porto. Dedicated to offering the opportunity as creators, artists and promoters of cultural activity, to young people with talent and vocation, without necessarily having to be graduates of artistic education. In the Korimakao, performing arts, music, plastic arts, literature and audiovisual media are fused, with a concept of integrality and transdisciplinary dialogue; betting on the value of artistic creation in the improvement of the integral quality of life of human beings.

We are currently promoting a Municipal Initiative for Local Development creating a space for interaction with Cuban culture and its people, through art and creation. It is the first youth center and the only artistic institution in the municipality, with a long, constant and holistic impact on the artistic and cultural management of the Zapata Swamp. Around its actions, diverse coexistence communities coexist harmoniously: the Ciénaga de Zapata, the town of Pálpite and the artists from all over Cuba and the world who reside and create from its multiple settings.

Our mission is

Develop artistic creation – appreciation and cultural promotion with a community profile in the Zapata Swamp and areas of difficult access in Cuba and the world.

Creative vision

Generate a space for exchange, training and collaboration on community art and the Art-Community relationship with creators, artists, social activists and related institutions in Cuba, Latin America and other nations of the world.

Institutional Objectives

  • To develop community artistic creation in the manifestations of music, theater, dance, plastic arts, literature and audiovisual production; jointly with the promotion of values, national identity and aesthetic appreciation of the public, Cuban and the rest of the world.
  • To intend an avant-garde art by, for, from and with the cenagueras communities mainly, aesthetically committed to universal human values ​​and the defense of our social project and the History of Cuba.
  • To promote knowledge and practical experiences in the subjects of Art and Community, by way of visits, exchanges, events, publications, research and other educational endeavors.
  • Promote comprehensive socio-economic development from the ecological, cultural, artistic and heritage dimensions for the Ciénaga de Zapata.
  • Implement commercial actions of cultural products and services, in favor of the quality of life of the population of the Ciénaga de Zapata.

Fundamental Actions

  • Annual artistic tours of the 18 settlements of the Ciénaga de Zapata, characterized by coexistence in these communities and the presentation of multidisciplinary programs.
  • Presentations in socially disadvantaged community spaces and areas of difficult access inside and outside of Cuba.
  • Holding workshops on appreciation and creation for boys, girls, adolescents and young people. In addition to vocational training and preparation for aptitude tests for those interested in entering the artistic education system.
  • Implementation of the comprehensive Plan for the summer of the territory, with artistic presentations mainly for boys, girls, adolescents and young people.
  • Artistic creation for political and cultural events in the municipality.
  • Presentation of notorious Cuban and foreign artists in the municipality thanks to the institutional management of the Ensemble.
  • Visit of prestigious personalities from the national and international political, cultural, artistic and communication fields.
  • Promotion of Cuban art to national and international tourism distinguished by the uniqueness of its humanistic and inclusive profile.

Our staff

Yander M. Roche Miralles. Managing Director Korimakao.